Wind deflector for Porsche Boxsters Minimise the effects of motoring with the roof down, windswept hair, poor acoustics and cold draughts

Made specifically for Porsche Boxsters. £62 a pair including VAT and carriage to UK mainland. When ordering you must quote 986 or 987.

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This is a pair of unique, later-cut, clear perspex inserts for Porsche Boxster 986 or 987. These fit to genuine Porsche parts and are simple to fit, with no drilling needed.

Our Porsche wind deflectors stop the driver's right shoulder from getting cold, or the passenger's left shoulder.

Stop shoulder draughts in a Porsche Boxster Prevents shoulder draughts in Porsche Boxster

Stop draughts on shoulders in Porsche Boxster Prevent draughts on shoulders in Porsche Boxster
  • Simple fixings, no drilling required
  • Fits in a few seconds
  • Made from clear perspex and laser-cut for a precision finish
  • Fits to genuine Porsche parts

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